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As the time loomed near when my nest would empty, I knew that I would at long last shift life around to favor a focus on creative projects. Raising a family was the best accomplishment of all and I had put it front and center. With that done, the long hours and focused sessions at research, design, and art creation could be attended to.

One of the challenges was to manage the inspiration component. Just as a farmer can’t wait for nature to sow seeds and then harvest whatever happened to grow on it’s own, I could not wait for ideas to come to me. Instead, I would go looking for them. My situation was not dire however. I had a day job. Money was coming in.

To prime the pump, and to keep the flow of ideas as regular as possible, I decided to assign myself a production goal of one hundred pictures. It was the second time I’d done that, and this time I knew to document the progress that would surely result from creating a hundred best-quality paintings and drawings.

So I devised a way to track what I’d done. First, I got an empty book for non-electronic records, Then I created a folder for the development photos with the intent of making a new folder for each art works step by step photographs.

As I did each painting, it was assigned a serial number unique to the set. Each serial began with 2100 because this is the second set  with the final count to be 100. The first painting was 210001.

Along the way, the signature block evolved so that the familiar Fenimore Oval was found between two bars. Top bar was the serial number, bottom was the text name of the work.

My objectives for the set were:

– demonstrate talent for attractive ideas attractively rendered

– discover my voice, brand, genre, taste, preferences, style, etc.

– create inventory

– have fun

– learn where my work fits in the world market of art and ideas.

-establish effective work patterns

To excuse this post, not everyone is capable of “bland” so I had to show mastery of that skill.

This weblog is to let you know how these peices of art came to be and to document the work from this point forward.

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