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“Thanks” said she, “I needed that”

You’re almost never as limited as you think. And they’re almost never as capable as they claim.


I thought of that this afternoon after receiving word from a photographer whose work I’ve admired. She’s won awards in her field and her public face via the web appears very confident. Sort of like the front side of an alarm clock. Maybe that combination of second guessing herself while over estimating the competition is happening. Perhaps someone complained. Setbacks are part of our lot : )


Occasionally she’ll post some pictures, properly watermarked and scaled down. When she did that yesterday I wrote my compliments, pointing to the aspects of her vision that inspire me.


Her subsequent admission and thanks surprised me. The compliment was a pleasant boost at a time when as she put it, she isn’t very confident about her work. Maybe she felt like the back side of my alarm clock looks.

She needed that.


Ingres the “no brush strokes” enthusiast, according to something I read in one of the art books a long time ago, would occasionally lapse into inconsolable dispair about not being able to paint any more. Then he got through it.


In some form or another, I think it’s common to serious professionals and spouses and parents to occasionally hit a wall and worry about  viability.


So I’m glad I paid the heartfelt compliment.  She’s a stranger in a far away land who creates lovely, worthy work.



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