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Cross Set Venture

After watching the college students cram for finals, seeing the people at work finish up what they needed to do to complete a month end, and noticing the behive activity that people put them selves through just before visitors arrive I knew I’d found a bit of self leverage. The question  was how I could be motivated to create new, better, frequent artworks, against the lack of outside demand for them. The answer was: assignment.


In 2006, I assigned myself a ‘project’  to create one hundred artworks. Not quickie sketches or doodles, but larger planned substantial works.


I knew better than to set a completion date, there was too much to learn before I could know how long it might take.


I just went to work.


Now, I’m on Picture 90 and already looking ahead to  the next project, the third set.


The focus of that set will be different, sculpture rather than flat art or illustration. Because of the nature of the pieces I hope to create, the set is smaller. I’d planned on 17, but 16 sounds better somehow.


With ten left in the 2100 set, there is still much ground to cover and I have great hopes for improvements. That reliable bridge between paint and pencil (pastels) has not been represented at all in this set.


Maybe it’s time.


Meanwhile, last night I broke out the clay for a sculpture destined for the 316 set (or 317, we shall see) and started to work on a small scale test model.


Next to me sits the clay, calipers, modeling tools, and a partially formed object that only makes me more excited to see this through!



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