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How Friends Do It

I marvel at the stark difference between the interactions of those who ‘get it’ and the rest. Anyone who has trained an employee can attest to the difference.

Some of this is just a matter of personal development. Lisa Visser, a photographer who works in the south of England doing child portraiture made an observation in the September issue of Digital SLR Photography magazine that corroborates my own experience. She noted that children at different ages take direction differently, specifically describing what can be expected of them at age three and younger, between three and five years old, and then ages six through nine. It’s all true, just as she described.

With adults, “getting it” takes on new value. One likes to believe that mature individuals catch on and understand, but experience clearly shows that there is wide variety with some bordering on genius and others who prove to be ‘lamentably lacking’.

I love when people ‘get it’ and then act accordingly.

Of course there is the added angle of those who do understand and do comprehend but won’t act sensibly because of their objectives or the constraint of other conflicts. Some are ignorant, some are vile, some are just stubborn.

I hope I am not alone in having experienced those rare individuals who catch on not only to the facts but also grasp the philosophy and own the right mindset. There is no doubt that everyone has had to deal with those who can’t see clearly even when saturated with with brilliant clarity.

For me, it’s a source of satisfaction and joy to work interact with the ‘get it’ people (I almost used the word ‘crowd’ instead of ‘people’ but the numbers don’t support it)

The easily offended, the pompous, the brash, and the willfully ignorant masses will not fit this description as they have inferior temperament and agenda’s.

True friendship always carries the benefit of the doubt and the strength of determined understanding which reminds me that good character traits come in packages just as disagreeable ones do.

Those who ‘get it’ make things disarmingly simple while those who don’t are a constant drain with frustrations and the need of serious oversight. Patience brings some of them along, while others make a sport of being wrong.

Friends assume the best and overlook the rest. They’re more likely to laugh at the irony than to dredge it for insult. They step up when there appears to be a need. They love.

Friendship is the ongoing dance of complimentary synchronous interraction. "give and take".

Friendship is the ongoing dance of complimentary synchronous interraction. “give and take”.

Both sides of that equation are satisfying, meaning it’s as satisfying to help a friend as to enjoy the security of a friend who has your back.

As always, there is black and white and there is grey in all it’s tonal variety! Some people, I don’t know if they’re friend or foe because they run along that fence seemingly hopping from one side and back  as they go.

I think some of this maturity on the part of the ‘get it’ group derives from properly analyzed experience on their part. This makes a good case for “new” verses “used” in human relationships. “New” people, the inexperienced, are operating from theory for the most part. “Experienced” souls have a basis for their views for better or worse. “New” carries risks, but holds the hope of all things positive. “Used” is a mixed bag, but when it’s good it’s solid good.

I like how friends do life.


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