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My explanations either get ignored or create confusion it seems. I posted a first session painting and explained the process then later discovered that the recipient of the email thought the painting was done. This process of a carefully written explanation going to waste has happened many times before with different people to the point where now I think about half will read the text that accompanies a picture and half of them will understand. The rest, who never read instructions just let the unfinished painting do all it’s talking. It’s probably good to only show progress photos all together along with the finished product.

I use facebook to share my discoveries, observations, and definitions. Shortly afterward,  I delete most posts.

In the past week:

Ghost – just a scary no body

Sit Ups – personal ab use


I missed the neighborhood  meeting where it was thus decided: “as soon as Fenimore opens the front window (pointing at a resident) you fire up your gas Leaf blower (then at another) and you two mow your lawns. Use the mowers that are loud like troop transports. When he opens the back window you guys behind his house cut something up with chainsaws. Freddy, you test the tune on your truck with no muffler”

As soon as I opened the front window the racket began. With  windows and a door open on the back side of the house the neighbors back there did just about anything they could to rev it up. It all continued for about ten minutes after I gave up and shut all the windows and doors.

Parquet and it’s place in the Universe:

I was looking at a wood parquet design and marveling. At first I thought it was clever in its design and someone should be pleased with their creation. But then I remembered that it probably just came together randomly like the planet did. I should check the wood behind my garage and see what it is making itself into.

Over eating: Waisting time.

Psychopath: when you google her address and it’s within walking distance

Contour: a walk through congress or a prison

Miss Take: Both twins were interested in you. You took the loud pretty one over the sweet plain one. Classic.

Shoot outs at restaurants: one of the many reasons I’ve never joined a gang. Plus, you have to make up a special name like Gabby Anton Roberts. Some of you will understand.

Chomp Change: Professional eating contest winningsObviously superman is an unreal fantasy. There are no phone booths.

Best friends who hadn’t studied were told by their mums that they had better pass the science test. When one got the test, he passed it to the other. Who ate it and within a week he passed it.

Attorney: When asked how he made his fortune in a court house he smiled wryly and said, “Its in the writs”

New TV show about accounting: American ‘I Dull’.

Rustoration: old car with new paint and it’s never been off it’s frame

On Personal Safety and my Gratitude for it: Because I am not with a hot head, I don’t see flying saucers : )

Frisbee tag: Game of throw’ns

About the ongoing Political efforts to rile people up:

Those weren’t demonstrations, they were riots. Protestors draw attention to a concern. Rioters damage property, hurt people, steal, and rob. Protestors should not be met with bullets. Rioters should not be met with tender facilitation




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