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Challenge: Write and Illustrate a Story From Scripture

Leah specifically wanted the story written in Old English style script and illustrated with a stained glass window design that would be appropriate in a cathedral environment.

I chose a story and wrote it in my own words, greatly economizing to fit this challenge. The original is very current despite recounting events that happened more than two millenia ago and it’s well worth reading the entire text.

Here is what it looked like in hard copy:



Here is what the illustration turned out like:

zeniff (927x1200)


For the stained glass I opted to use my own writing system to capture the sense that this story happened among people who lived long ago, even though they dealt with similar problems as people today. In the interest of time I only added optical characteristics to the crystal bits inside the large circle, where I mimicked beveled glass. The text and symbols point to Christ and encourage one to love and follow Him.

The story encompasses three generations of the doings of a large group who reclaimed a land that their king had been warned emphatically to flee only a few years prior.

I delivered it on time and according to Leah it qualified as meeting the challenge : )

Her challenge from me was to create a three panel cartoon about a kitten and a puppy accomplishing something that’s a big deal to them.

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