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Projects, Shoes, and Past Times

Projects, shoes, and past times all fall in together in some ways. For passion and disdain, they share equal ground.

Everyone of these three are both loved and loathed. Every one costs.. Those who love them find the means to afford them while those who don’t never have the ‘extra money’ for them.

Loved by some, loathed by others despite that the item or experience is the same.

Personally, I see no sense in paying for a lot of shoes or unnecessary travel or paint by number but I’ve seen the joy those items bring. Joy bordering on ecstasy! That alone may justify all of them.

Projects are sufficient in and of them selves much of the time. They’re just endured at other times because they lead to something desirable.

Past times are days served up as treats. What makes you happy could devastate me with boredom. You fish, I do everything I can to avoid fishing. You travel to a cosplay gathering in a big city, not me if I can get out of it.

So my point in this reflection is the strong desire to have people let others embrace their innocent joys. Don’t waste social capital by denigrating someone’s lawful source of satisfaction that that doesn’t appeal to you. Yours may not make any more sense to them than theirs does to you.

Their ‘thing’ will always seem like a waste of money, time, or talent. Just like yours never will.

In the grand scheme, neither your thrill or theirs may be any better or worse than the other.

Except in your heart.



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