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Less is More

A lot can be packed into a tiny space and sometimes that creates a bigger package. Here are small events and sayings that have greatly affected me:


One day when my grand daughter and I crossed the expanse of a grassy park to reach a tree to climb, she reached for me and we held hands the rest of the way. It was a small gesture and yet it is one of my favorite memories. No one does that. Almost no one.

I read that in the days of wooden ships the journey could be so rough that “no one would have ever crossed the oceans if they could have gotten off the ship during a storm at sea”.

“Life will pay you the wages you demand.”  I realized one day that while my grandparents lived in the same sub-eight hundred square foot house that was sitting atop the ground without ever having a real foundation underneath, at the same time, others were living in modern spacious homes. This struck me with force when I added it to a negotiation verity that ‘the least you expect is the most you will get’. Try that. If someone asks you your price and you say, “I need between a dollar and a dollar and a half and I’ll be happy”. Which amount will they offer? Yep.

Speakers worth their salt know that their audiences will remember how the discourse made them feel long after they’ve forgotten the words. The better speakers aren’t the more eloquent or proper or correct, if ‘better’ means ‘impactful’. This is why we have to be on our guard against showmen and liars. They play this.

I now own a little car that was made in September 1969. I gave up another car to give this one space in my garage. The other vehicle is ten times the car and yet I made the trade. There wasn’t a thing wrong with the car I sold. It had a list of nice features that would fill this blog beyond what you would read. The replacement car has almost none of those features, and many of them are glorious to enjoy.

Why would I do that? Because the value of some things is not in what they have, but in what they are. And a recognition of that value is not universal. Never the less, I don’t base the values I accept on the requirements of others. Neither should you. For better or for worse, you will always find kindred spirits for what you prefer. If not, and if you are certain, then it is still right. Just not for the others.

On the other hand, you disparage the preferences of others at your peril when it’s benign. I hated cheese cake until I tasted it.

A major corporation had a motto that I very much enjoy, “Think”.

Gibran wrote, “The mountain to the climber is clearer from the plain.”

I love small encapsulated thoughts about great eternal truths.

And remember, don’t count your chickens before they hatch!



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