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Rather than just live with it, I’ve decided to investigate the grabby clutch. I may have found the problem already. The components all look good but there were a couple of items to address.

First, I over greased the shaft that the release bearing carrier slides on. That flung lubricant onto the inner area of the engine side of the friction disc. The Presssure plate felt tacky, so I suspect it was shipped coated such as they do with brake rotors. I don’t recall if I washed it down before installing it.

Also, there was too much travel on the clutch arm before it released, by which I mean that rather than hang straight down at proper adjustment, that lever or arm was pulled toward the engine quite a way.There was no getting around that. But maybe I have a reasonable answer to it.

The carrier that came with the car had an extra bit of material that Ray at Rdent said he’d not seen before. So maybe by adding that back with a spacer washer I can decrease the distance the fork must move along the shaft and if maximum travel has been just about breached, that problem will be solved by the addition. The Carrier is machined down to accept the different than OEM release bearing.

Meanwhile I’m on the prowl for an original release bearing and carrier in case I want to go back to stock. The stock clutch looks pretty good to me. All I really needed in the first place was a new release bearing. Installing a whole new clutch kit was overkill. Live and learn.

The numbers on the clutch kit do not show up on any internet search and I have no idea who made the parts. It’s a good looking kit.

DP 255 48A B0715  FRICTION DISC 200mm. Vented.

CA 060 48A B0715 PRESSURE PLATE Manufacturer unknown.

The disc and all surfaces are now cleaned up and ready for reassembly.

Also, now I’ve stripped and derusted and primed and painted the Y-arm cross brace. In the process I realized I can clean my brush with oil and soap.


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