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The Rover is Down

Land Rover’s are simple vehicles, as they go. I have a Series 3 88″

Those who know the vehicles refer to them several ways: wheel base (the diagonal measure from one front tire in the center of it’s ground contact to the opposing rear tire,  as I understand it), the engine type and size, and the series. So you can see that I have short wheel base.

Right now, it has no wheel base at all because something went amiss with the rear brake on the left side. I have to replace the shoes.

With these vehicles, it’s always good to pay attention and see if something else needs attention in the vicinity of the ailing part. In my case, the hub nuts were loose and gear oil was leaking. When I pulled the hub I discovered that the bearings were not greased. The early models were lubricated by the axle oil, but later ones took grease. So I have to take those bearings out, clean them up, and pack them with grease. The brake cylinder back there might be the problem if in fact the cylinder is failing to fully retract.

Like a child avoiding his chores I’ve been loathe to finish the job but I miss driving it. So I have to sit out there in the cold and make it right.

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