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Life is Complicatedly Simple

Fair lands have their storms, food roots come of dirt

Soothing music instruments with cacophony can flirt

Every spice can be too much though some can be too spare

Any oven still can just burn instead of roast with care

So Yes to all compassion and Yes to ‘get along’!

Yes to storms aplenty, when safety shares their song.

Yes to cold and swelter. Yes to wet and dry.

Yet each can be the devil or bring joy by and by.

Tamed and in their purpose with safety well assured, extremes become the allies with we who them endured.

“No no!” you tell the youngster, don’t touch the hot stove there!

“No no!” you tell the prankster, “that humor is not fair.”

And yes, you change for some things, while other things you change.

Some you have to manage. Some you must avoid.

Some are best from far away. Some you take within.

This world is full of beauty and terror lives here too.

Which all leads to the questions, “For this what must you do?”

All rights reserved, Dennis Fenimore 2018

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