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“All the good ones are taken”.
This might be true after a sale, but more stuff comes in.
It certainly does not apply to potential marriage or friendship opportunities, except in pockets. Where it is true, get out of that pocket and find your people!

“Lawyers are scoundrels”
This one and the next one are reflections on the numbers and like any sweeping generalization is deceptively incorrect. It’s the (my guess) 92% that make the rest look bad. There are excellent and still highly principled attorneys but the rest are like a normal work force – some mediocre, some a mixed bag, some substandard, and too many unprincipled beyond a normal person’s comprehension.

“Politicians are all bad” or similar.
This one is dangerous and not true. What I wrote about lawyers applies the same but consider – this belief is similar to other unworkable views that harm the quality of outcomes.
Think what you will of so called ‘gun control’ but it’s pointless to blame objects for [sub]human behavior. Managing the objects without remedying the behavior empowers the wrong side of the equation.

Thinking all politicians are bad closes down any recognition of the good ones and serves the interests of the bad guys to the disadvantage of the good ones. The bad ones are already bad, and stating it changes nothing. The good ones are good, but painting them with the stain of the pukes only disenfranchises actual solutions and masks off the remedies you want.

What you believe does not change what is true. It only changes your view and influence. This is how rotten politicians get voted in and keep their power. They cater to your beliefs, not you. An unchallenged lie has more compelling effect on formation of belief than truth does because it can be dressed up to suit where as truth is what it is.

All the good ones are not taken.
All the lawyers are not scoundrels.
All the politicians are not the reprehensible beasts that their tools make the good ones seem to be as cover for those who actually are.

People are designed to act rather than to be acted upon. But it is human nature to accept being acted upon if that’s easier and then complaining about it.
I’ve included a picture of one of those.

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