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October 12, 2018

The Land Rover turns out to have the wrong sized wheel cylinders on the rear axle. Those are on order.  The half shaft castle nut disappeared, and I was able to source one in Portland at Ships Mechanical. It appears to be 5/8″ x 16 tpi. No such size at the bolt store, parts stores, or hardware store.

I’ve learned how to recondition brake wheel cylinders. I’ve also learned that not only is every one of the wheel cylinders on a series 3 Land Rover not the same size – the fronts are larger – each one has it’s own part number.

Also, early on the rear wheel bearings were lubricated from the oil in the axle and that’s how mine is set up. Later they decided you should pack the bearings with grease, so that’s how I’m doing it.

I learned how to service the rear wheel bearings on the series 3 Land Rover.

The Lotus now has a Weber progressive carburetor, a 32/36 DGV. I learned how to set the float level today, not that it did any good. Still just about impossible to cold start. Good power when warm and loves to accelerate, but has new issue. On rapid deceleration to idle, the motor wants to die. Come off the freeway to a stop sign and the motor will die if allowed to. Sometimes idles too fast. Sometimes too slow.

So it’s not dialed in.

Weber float adjustment

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