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Red Pea Rattled

It was pretty annoying. There were rattles behind the dashboard that came and went. Nuts backed off the carburetor and manifold. The car was vibrating apart. Then I put new tires on and the vibrations abated, but there was still a reckoning to be made for the prior vibrations.

One day, as I arrived to photograph a first year Mini Cooper S,  I pushed the button to turn off the lights and my fingerkept going right into the dash. When I got home I had a determination to settle up some issues.

The ammeter had stopped working, the light switch was now behind the dash board, and those pesky confounded rattles were as bad as ever.

The switches are held in place by wood screws. Now  they are also held in place by silicon. It’s all back together, but I haven’t driven anywhere because I also decided to pull the carburetor top off and set the float. The car doesn’t like sudden deceleration and will try to die without my fancy footwork with the gas pedal.

I found that the fasteners for the choke and heater cable ends had vibrated loose.

I don’t know how that turned out yet except that the ammeter still isn’t functioning. As often is the case, setting the float level isn’t as straight forward for my car as it is for all the youtube cars who posted how-to clips.


The car started when I wanted it to though a bit of a rough idle. A little adjustment may be in order.

Maybe I should do a night drive.


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